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Free shipping on orders $349+!

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Free local pick up available in the Bay Area, CA

Sea creature


What You See Is What You Get Corals. 

All of our corals are fully QTd and treated for pests so you can insure you are getting the highest quality corals.

All corals unless otherwise stated are WYSIWYG.

Clownfish in Aquarium

Marine Fish

All of our fish are quarantined and treated for brookynella, marine ich, velvet, and internal parasites for 14 days then kept in clean and sterile observation tanks.
Species that don't do well in copper are treated via hybrid tank transfer method and then kept in the sterile observation tanks.

At Kay's Coral Cove we take pride in providing healthy pest and disease free coral and fish*

All corals and fish at Kay's Coral Cove are cared for with love and fine attention to detail. We treat everything we sell as if we would put them in our own home display tanks.

Girl at Aquarium

Our Story

Kay's Coral Cove is a family run business which started from our love for the hobby. Our vision is to share the beauty and enjoyment of owning a reef aquarium. 
We love working with any level of hobbyist from expert and advanced to beginner level and love teaching and inspiring new reef tank owners or owners to be. Please reach out to us with any questions about owning and taking care of a marine aquarium.


*While we do our best to insure your coral and fish are pest and disease free, we understand that there are no guarantees in this hobby. In case you observe any issues with any of our corals or fish within the first 72 hrs, please reach out to us using the "contact us" link below and we will help to insure 100% customer satisfaction.

Sea Turtle

Our Shipping Policy

Corals and Fish are shipped via overnight next day air. We ship out on Monday thru Wednesday only to do our best to insure your package makes it safe and sound to your door.
We offer free overnight shipping on all orders $349 and up!


For a limited time only any order over $100 ships for ONLY $34.99 using coupon code: "ship35"


At Kay's Coral Cove, we offer DOA coverage for corals and fish. Please click the "Learn More" link below to review our DOA and shipping policy.


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